Neuro Surgery

Surgical Neurology or Neuro Surgery is the branch of Neurosciences known in parlance as 'Brain Surgery' is the medical speciality treatment concerned with, Prevention, Diagnosis, Complex Surgical Procedures and Rehabilitation of Disorders which affect any portion of the Nervouse System covering Brain, Spinal Cord, Central & Peripheral Nervous System and Cerebrovascular System.

Dharan's Department of Neurosciences do have good and experienced hand's on Neuro Surgeons associated in the recent past, who were governed and managed the neurosurgical cases with excellent end results, even in complex cases. The expertise of Dharan's Neuroscience department has served the humman community by its list of surgical procedures

Stroke, Brain AV Malformations, Aneurysms

Traumatic Brain Surgeries

Traumatic Spine Surgeries

Spinal Vascular Surgeries

Minimal Access Spine Surgeries

Brain Bypass Surgery

Brain and Spine Tumour Surgeries - Paediatric & Adult

Spinal Degenerative Disorders - Paediatric & Adult

Spinal Vascular Disorders - Paediatric & Adult

Vascular Malformations in Kid's Brain & Spine

Skull based Surgeries 

Head, Neck, Orbital & Face Tumors/Vascualr Malformations

Dharan Facilities for Neurosciences 

- EEG Investigation Room

- CT and PET CT 

- 6 Fully equipped modern Operations Theatres.


For any further details please do contact Hosptial at 0427-2709999 / 2281599


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