In terms of ‘Charitable’ activity, on the goodwill of renowned health care service provider in Salem, Dharan Educational Charitable Trust (DECT) has decided to do its core charity work in term of medical services to non affordables through, thorough analysis by a pool of BSE (Bureau of Social Experts) Team. This team will analyze the ground reality of the unaffordable parameters and recommend to Board of Life Trustees. Board of Life Trustees will decide then and there, which will be consolidated in the Trust meetings and the same will be endorsed.

Every amount that has been sourced and pooled for charitable activities in Dharan Educational Charitable Trust (DECT), hasbeen properly accounted and spent fully and purely for charitable activities for non-affordable mankind community. Primarily, DECT is focused on “Free Medical Management” and “Free Surgical Management” to non-affordables, after approval from “Bureau of Social Experts” team in DECT.

BSE Team

Bureau of Social Experts team called as ‘BSE Team’ is a mixture of Life Trustee and Non-Trustee known noted members of Life Trustee, to utilize every individual’s ‘field expertise’ and ‘knowhow knowledge’ in their walk of life. This help to analyze the ground reality of non affordableness, duly scrutinized and act fast for the needy people of medical service under trust fund.

BSE Team Members:

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1. Dr. V.SELVARAJA. (Managing Director – Dharan Hospital)
2. Mr. SEKAR. (Joint Managing Director – Dharan Hospital)
3. Mr. M.VENKATACHALAM. ( Chairman – DECT)
4. Mr. N.A.CHINNASAMY. (Founder Chairman – Saraswathi Transports)
5. Mr. A.K.RAMASAMY. (Secretary – Bharathiyar College)

For Donations, please feel free to contact / 95850-69990.

BME Team

Bureau of Medical Experts team called as ‘BME Team’ is a team of noted and renowned medical experts in the health care industry who has joined hands for noble cause to do life saving medical and surgical treatments at subsidized cost to cover only the medical expenses for the really needed un affordable peoples, who are recommend by BSE Team. BME Team has an active role, only after finance grant from DECT Life Trustees.

BME Team Members:

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M.S., FICS., Managing Director, Gastro & General Surgeon – Dharan Hospital)
2. 2. Dr. E.ARAVIND
M.S.,DNB (Gen.Srgry)., DNB (Uro). (HOD – Dept. of Urology, Dharan Hospital)
3. Joining Shortly
4. Joining Shortly
5. Joining Shortly

For Medical help, please inform us at / 95850-69990.