Surgical Gastroenterology

Surgical Gastroenterology is the department that treats digestive tract and its related area diseases through surgery. It covers esophagus, Small intestine, Large intestine, Rectum including liver, gallbladder and pancreas.

At Dharan, we perform a surgery to remove a cancerous or noncancerous growth or damaged part of the body, such as the intestine. We also do HERNIA repair to treat either a hole or weak spot in the wall of the abdomen.  Minor Surgical procedures are used to screen and diagnose problems of the digestive system.

We Dharan is self equipped in terms of technical know-how and Infrastructure amenities like 4 major OT 2 minor OT including an exclusive gastrointestinal investigation minor OT supporting 24 X 7 by well trained staff for the whole year.

List of Gastrointestinal issues and its related Surgeries is listed for ease reference,

1. Appendicitis: During infected/inflamed appendix, ‘Appendectomy’ is carried out for removal of appendix.

2. Colon Cancer : To remove cancerous tumors in the digestive system and the part that have cancer. i.e Pancreas, Liver & Intestine.

3. Diverticular: A small pouch/pocket  on the colon (large Intestine) can Diseasebecome inflamed, which can be removed by “Bowel Resection Surgery”.

4. Gallbladder: Gallstones problem in gallbladder results removal of DiseaseGallbladder. The process of removing Gallbladder is

5. Gastroesophageal : GERD Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease and hiatal hernias or acid reflux is when the acid from the stomach backs up into the esophagus, that causes heart burn.

6. Hernia: A Hernia is when a part of the body (like the intestine) comes through a hole or weak spot in the wall of muscle or connective tissue that supposed to protect it. Basically a bulge muscle may be felt under the skin that not suppose to be there.  

7. Rectal Prolapse: A Condition in which part of the ntestine comes through the anus. Through Surgery it is treatable.

8. Inflamatory Bowel Disease: (Crohn’s Ulcerative Colitis)  The immune system  damages intestine that cause pain and inflammation. In some cases, damage parts is removed and the healthy parts are reconnected, that said as “Bowel Resection”

9.Weight Loss: Surgery done to treat obesity. Surgery performed by a specialist in Bariatric Surgery.

10. Gastro Investigations:

Endoscopy: To screen problem in the digestive system through Esophagus.

Colonoscopy: To screen problem in the Intestines system through Anus.

In Dharan, we are fully equipped with state of the art modern medical accessories, that supports the technical expertise from our renowned surgeon Dr. G.Gopalakrishnan, the master of all the above listed surgical gastro issues. He cares with utmost compassion with clear explanation and guidance to patients about the entire surgical process, which makes patient has no second opinion. Dharan is a listed hospital, supported by Govt, Semi-Govt Insurances including all major Private Insurance companies.

For any further details, please feel free to call 0427-2709999 / 0427-2281599 or 95850-69990

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